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‚Äč440-285-5665 or 1-888-285-5665

‚ÄčNAMI Helpline: 800-950-6264

Our Middlefield Support Group is unique in many ways.  


Both those with a mental illness and those who have a loved one with a mental illness are welcome at this group. The group starts with a combined support group and then divides into two rooms, one a group for peers and the other for family and friends who have a loved one with a mental illness, for the remaining of the session. The facilitators for each of the focus groups have received training in support group facilitation and have life experience either with their own mental illness or with the mental illness of a loved one.  

All NAMI Geauga Programs offer support, but this group  is especially welcoming and understanding. Join us at the Middlefield United Methodist Church at 7:00pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Please check our calendar for up-to-date information.

At one of our support groups a resident of a nearby more populated county, traveled to Middlefield for support because our group was the one in the nearest future and she felt she was in need to immediate support.  She said as she traveled the country roads, she thought to herself, "Look at all these lovely white houses.  What could these people have in common with me?"  As soon as she entered the room, she knew.  A testimony to the fact that mental illness touches us all.  We welcome and embrace the Amish Community and anyone regardless of their race, religion or personal lifestyle.