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You Are Not Alone

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Did you ever feel like you were teetering as you try to hold balance in life?


When you have a loved one with mental illness it seems that you are holding things up all alone. There are others that understand what you are living. Join us to share our concerns, successes and hopes. The most common comment we receive about this group is "When I walked in the room, I knew there were others who knew where I am coming from."


Family and Friends Support Group meets at the Geauga West County Library, 13455 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland, OH (on rt 306 south of rt 322 and north of rt 87) on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. 


This group offers understanding and support to family members and friends of persons displaying the symptoms of a mental illness. No reservation is required.  Check our Calendar tab for more events.


The NAMI Support Group model operates differently than other, more traditional "share-and-care" groups. The NAMI Support Group model offers a set of key structures and group processes for facilitators to use in common support group scenarios. These structures come with clear guidelines to follow. They encourage full group participation while respecting the wishes of those who are hesitant. The guidelines and procedures steer the group process through many problematic situations, which commonly undermine support group effectiveness. 

The videos below share personal stories with NAMI support groups: