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A group of Geauga County residents took the Family to Family Class in the fall of 2006 when it was offered at a  Geauga County site

for the first time with support from the Geauga Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services and NAMI Lake County. 

We found the information and support in this class so valuable that we felt it was essential to form a chapter in Geauga County. 

Within two short years we were official.  We held elections for our officers and published our first newsletter in July, 2006. 

We met on the first Thursday of each month for our business meeting and support group. 

On the third Thursday of each month we held an educational meeting.

We invited doctors, pharmacists, safety officers and educators to educate us further.  

We had members trained to offer our own sessions of Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer and NAMI Basics.  

We felt we were on our way to providing education to Geauga County about mental illness. 

We added support groups for both peers and for family and friends of those with mental illness. 

We provided these groups in three locations in the county.

One of the groups is unique in that both peers and family and friends meet together for the first 15 minutes

of the session and then the group divides into the two focus groups.

We were very excited to hear Drs. Fred and Penny Frese tell us about the effect of Schizophrenia on their family in September, 2008. 

Dr. Fred is a psychologist who happens to be suffering with Schizophrenia. Dr. Penny has helped advocate for those diagnosed with mental illness

with her daughter Claire.  They have worked with NAMI to produce Claire's Story and Thick and Thin to educate young people in our schools about

mental health.  Dr. Penny will join us at our June 2009 educational meeting.  We will show Claire's Story and she will discuss moving on to advocacy.

We also hosted a meeting with then Senator Robert Spada.  Senator Spada and his wife have had experience with mental illness with their son.  

They have worked tirelessly with NAMI Greater Cleveland and at the state level to advocate for their son and for all affected by mental illness.  

These mentors moved us for a mission of education and support to advocacy.

By 2014, we honed our meetings to include peer support, family and friends support, support in Middlefield and Chardon and Chesterland. 

We hold education classes for Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer, and NAMI Basics. With the growing need, we have future plans to implement more NAMI programs. We have had many very informative speaker meetings and now hold these meetings quarterly.  Twice a year we host a social gathering such as a picnic or potluck dinner.  We have a crafters group that meets twice a month to make beautiful items that are sold at our speaker meetings and special events. Visit our advocacy page to find out more. 

Our membership continues to grow as we continue our efforts to offer support, education and advocacy for those affected by mental illness. 

We are well on our way!

Please join us!