We are pleased to announce the time and location of our fall Family to Family Education Classes.  The Class is 12 weeks in length and will meet each Saturday from noon to 2:30 at our annex office at 103 South St. Suite 2.  We are on the southeast corner of Chardon Square.  There is a bike shop and a travel agency.  We are upstairs. Learn more about Family to Family here.....   There is also a registration form on this page.  All NAMI Geauga County are free as they are funded by the Geauga Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services. Registration is required.

Bethany Yeiser

is a motivational speaker and the author of Mind Estranged: My Journey from Schizophrenia and Homelessness to Recovery. You can read more about her experiences on her website . 

The quote below refers to one of her essays on her website, "Experiencing Schizophrenia". There are links on the page to archived essays. 

"The erroneous belief that all mentally ill paties may be dangerous has had a huge impact on my life. When I recovered from schizophrenia, I tried sharing my story with old friends from my first three years of college,  before I became ill.  Many seemed happy to be in touch with me again, and updated me on their marriages, children, and graduations. But as soon as I mentioned “schizophrenia,” and explained that I had recovered, nearly every one of these old friends refused further contact with me. I knew the stigma of schizophrenia was strong, but I did not know the stigma of the illness would terminate nearly all of my relationships, with people I once knew so well and cared about.

Today, I am grateful for my many friends in the Cincinnati area who accept me for who I am. In my church, I teach two and three year olds about Christianity, perform on violin for services and events, and tutor a fourth grader once a week. At the University of Cincinnati, there are several medical doctors who are interested in my writing, and many of them have become my mentors and friends."

Karen Yeiser

is Bethany's mom and will give insight to Bethany's parent's experiences during the on set of her illness and spiral into homelessness. She has written a book as well, Flight From Reason. 
Read more on her website.

NAMI Geauga County Speaker Meetings are provided at no cost, but require R.S.V.P. ​Email Linda Reed at lreed@namigeauga.org or complete the form below. 

Geauga Matters

NAMI Geauga County has moved our  physical office to 107 South St. Ste 5 (upstairs) Chardon, OH 44024.  

The Dust is Settling.

Watch our page for information about our WEDNESDAY, September 23, 2015 speaker meeting. We meet at 6:30 p.m. at Notre Dame Educational Center. You won't want to miss it. 




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