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The Mission of NAMI Geauga County is to offer mutual support and empowerment to persons and their families affected by serious mental illness through education, advocacy and emotional support.


Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of

NAMI and without YOU we could not

reach out to support and educate

those in our communities.

We are in need of volunteers to

assist with clerical tasks,

support group facilitators,

outreach, board members

education class teachers,

special events, and so much more.

If you are interested in serving

others and support our mission.

Please Contact Kelly:

kbidlack@namigeauga.org or call


for more information.

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If you could make one change in the culture’s perception of mental illness or substance abuse, what would it be?

It would be to erase the stigma.

Too often people who may have clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, PTSD, or some form of addiction are thought of as defective, morally weak or are shamed into a state of being that exacerbates the individual's symptoms. When in fact those who struggle with mental health are often some of the most resilient, artistic, creative, and brilliant people.

Friends, co-workers, significant others, even a member of your family — anyone can be struggling with mental health conditions. All too often, they are struggling in

silence alone and without support.

This May is an important opportunity to change that.

The month of May is Mental Health Month — a special opportunity to spread awareness and come together to provide support and strength to the 1 in 5 people affected

by mental illness and their families.

Help NAMI replace stigma with hope.

Educate yourself and others by
Understanding Mental Health symptoms

as well as false ideas.

Promote acceptance and actively challenge social stereotypes.  Through powerful words and actions, we

will shift the social and systemic barriers for those living with mental health conditions and encourage

acceptance and understanding.

Take Action on Mental Health Issues by

lending your support you can show that this cause is important to you and desperately needed for millions

of Americans.

Give the gift of help and hope to millions of Americans affected by mental illness and their families.

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Together, let's replace stigma with acceptance and understanding.

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